Samsung Air Conditioning – What You Need to Know Before Buying

Types of Air Conditioners:

Air conditioning systems come in all sorts of shapes and sizes based on functionality and purpose. There are three main types of residential air con for homes; split system, ducted or evaporative.

Split systems are a mounted unit that is installed on the wall of the designated area for cooling/heating. These units are a cost-effective option if you only need one to two rooms air conditioned. Ducted and evaporative systems cool/heat an entire house through ducting pipes which emit air via vents on the ceiling.

About Samsung:

Samsung is a Korean company founded in 1938. They didn’t start manufacturing air conditioners until 1974 when they entered the market with the Window Air Conditioner. By the early 2000s, Samsung had became an industry leader in air con, among other electronic appliances. In 2010 they launched the world’s first Wi-Fi operated split system air conditioner.

Pros of Samsung Air Con:

  • Wide variety of split and ducted systems 
  • ‘360 Casette’ mode which minimizes cold/hot spots in the room to spread air evenly 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to control temperature from your phone

Cons of Samsung Air Con:

  • High upfront costs
  • Auto function can be inaccurate, leaving room at a higher or lower temp than desired

The Importance of Choosing the Right Air Conditioner:

Installing the correct air con for your home & lifestyle is crucial to staying cool and warm for the best price possible. Brands of air conditioners vary greatly in quality, features and efficiency so it’s important to do research through reading reviews, speaking to accredited installers and comparing quotes.

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