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How To Know What Unit Type And Size (kW) Will Cater To Your Cooling And Heating Needs?

How to choose

To ensure optimum comfort and energy efficiency you’ll want to consider the size space or room size that you are looking to install your new air conditioning unit in. In general, residential air conditioning units will range from 2kW – 9kW.

A low powered air con unit in a large space will struggle to maintain a desired temperature and therefore must work harder, shortening its lifespan. A larger system in a small room will not be cost efficient due to higher upfront and running costs.

As a basic guide it is recommended that an air conditioner should have approximately 125 watts of power for every square meter of area it supposed to cool/heat.

Use the below formula and table to help assist in determining what size will be suitable for your space.
m² X 125watts = Recommended Air Con Unit Size

Size Room Or Space Air Con Unit Size (approx.) Aircon Unit Type
< 20m² 2kW-4kW – Portable
– Small Split System
– Window Box
20m²-40m² 4kW-6kW – Window Box
– Split System
40m² 6kW-9kW – Split System
Multiple rooms or entire house 9kW+ – Multi Split
– Ducted


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