Installer Registration

The Quote Company is always looking to expand our network of quality air conditioner installers nationwide

We operate in all Australian states in both city and country areas.

How it works for air conditioning installers

  1. Customers enter their contact details and information about their house and the solar system they’re after.
  2. We then match this customer with suppliers who service this area.
  3. You as the supplier can select the area you’d like to service plus the number of leads you’d like per week. You can amend these at any point and pause the service at any time.
  4. We guarantee the quality of leads and you can reject leads if they’re not up top scratch, you won’t be charged for these leads.

In order to sign up, fill in the registration form below and return to or fax to 1300 722 697.

If you have any questions about the service, please call 1300 722 687.

Alternatively complete the form below and will give you a call.

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