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Packaged Aircon SystemsPackaged Aircon Systems

A packaged air conditioner, as the name implies, is a self-contained heating and air conditioning unit, with all of its essential components encased in a single unit.

This single unit is comprised of the cooling coil, the compressor, the air filter and the air handling unit.  These systems come fully assembled, ready for you to plug in.

One unique selling proposition for a packaged unit is that a condensate drain pipe is not a requirement due to the condensate water being extracted from the air by the evaporator coil.

From there, it’s pushed to the condenser fan and then onto the condenser coil surface, where it simply evaporates.

The packaged air conditioners can also offer better humidity control and are available in the fixed rate capacities of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tons.

Space efficiency and more affordable installation costs are two of the benefits of selecting a packaged air conditioning unit.

A detracting factor is its limited energy efficiency, as packaged air conditioning units will usually have an 8-10 SEER rating.

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