Maintenance of your air conditioning system

Air conditioners should be regularly maintained to ensure efficiency and prevent inconvenient breakdowns. Because refrigerated units recirculate the air they filter, it is very important to keep filters clean to reduce dust circulation and maintain air flow.

For evaporative coolers, removal of blockages will ensure increased saturation of the filter pads and greater operating efficiency. Always follow any specific directions provided by the manufacturers of the equipment and have your system professionally maintained.

Professional maintenance services include:

  • Checking refrigerant and gas pressure.
  • Checking for, and repairing, leaks in piping and insulation.
  • Cleaning coils and burners.
  • Replacing air filters.
  • Calibrating the thermostat.
  • Making sure the unit is not making excessive noise.

It is a good idea during winter, if your system is not going to be used for heating, to protect any external equipment with a weatherproof cover.

If your existing air conditioner is broken or not operating properly and you are considering getting rid of it, don’t remove it yourself. There may be refrigerant left inside the unit which will escape into the atmosphere during removal or later at the disposal site.

You will need to have the refrigerant ‘recovered’ from the air conditioner by a licensed technician. Licensed technicians are appropriately trained in the recovery of refrigerant, and using an approved technician will ensure that refrigerant will be removed without venting it into the atmosphere.

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