Reverse Cycle Vs Heater

Reverse cycle vs heater

Reverse Cycle vs Heater – Which is the better option?

In most locations within Australia air-conditioning is a necessity with our hot, long summers. However, many of us forget how chilly it can get once the winter months roll around. Households in Australia are not built for comfort in winter which is why you may want to consider the addition of a heater.

When it comes to heating your home, a reverse cycle air-conditioner (also known as a heat-pump system) is your best option in comparison to electric or gas heaters and here’s why.

Comfort all year round

A reverse cycle air-conditioner not only provides cooling to your home in the hotter months but has the functionality to heat your home in the colder months.

Saves on space

Having a single unit system to supply cooling and heating for your home will save on space and will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Cost efficient

While installing a reverse cycle air conditioner can initially cost more than buying a portable electric heater, in the long-term reverse cycle air conditioners are much more cost efficient, especially if you were planning on having an air conditioner installed anyway.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are the cheapest option when it comes to heating large spaces as they use less energy to run while still distributing heat evenly. They also allow you to adjust the temperature, meaning you won’t waste electricity and money overheating your home.

More effective, covering a larger space

While gas and electric heaters tend to only heat those in the close area of the unit, a reverse cycle air conditioner distributes heat evenly throughout a space. Reverse cycle air conditioners also can be thermostatically controlled so rooms can consistently stay at your desired temperature.

Safer than alternatives

Reverse cycle air-conditioners are a safer alternative for your home in comparison to electric and gas heaters which pose the risk of overheating and could singe or catch fire to materials. Reverse cycle air conditioners are also better for your health due to air purifying filters which can useful for those who suffer from asthma and hay fever.

If you’re considering a reverse cycle air-conditioner for your heating solution for winter,

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