How To Choose A Reliable Air Con Installer

Choosing a reliable air con installer can mean the difference between a smooth trouble-free installation and months of headaches and unanswered phone calls. Don’t just look for the cheapest quote, but look for the qualities of a good reputable business. Ask questions and check reviews online to see what other peoples’ experiences have been.

How to choose a reliable air con installer

Informative Sales Process

The company should be open and transparent about the air conditioners they install and the installation process. They should try to educate you and help you choose the best solution to meet your needs, not just sell you the solution that makes them the most money. Don’t sign with anyone saying that you need to sign up that day – a good company will allow you time to make an informed, unpressured decision.

Professional Documentation

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the service or product will be of high quality, it means that the company are serious and organised – a good sign. You should be presented with a professional-looking quote showing all expenses plus any further information about the product and installation. On signing up, you should be sent an invoice and instructions on what will happen next.

Good Communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a company and never being able to get through to them. If this is the case, walk away. If they won’t pick up the phone when you’re trying to give them money, imagine how hard they’ll be to get hold of if you have a future warranty issue.

Professional Service

A reliable air con installer should turn up on time and if not, call ahead to let you know. They should discuss the details of the job with you and confirm that you’re happy with this. On completion, they’ll show you their work and demonstrate how the product works. The area should be left clean and tidy and all rubbish removed.

Clear Warranty Information

Ask the company about the product and installation warranty. They should be able to tell you who will cover the cost of shipping (if any parts need to be sent back to the manufacturer) and fitting replacement parts. If the company can’t tell you this and it isn’t in their terms and conditions, walk away. Some installers make you have a yearly check-up; if you miss this just once it voids your installation warranty and they forgo any responsibility – don’t sign with companies like this, it’s unethical and wrong.

After-sales service

Does the company follow up to make sure it is working after installation?  The best air con companies will provide you with reminders to service your air conditioner over the first two years and respond quickly to any warranty issues.

How to check if a tradesman/technician is appropriately licensed:

  • Visit the online licence check facility to see if they are licensed and current.
  • Businesses advertising / promoting air conditioning services should include a licence number.
  • Ask to see their Refrigerant Handling Licence card – this will also tell you the services they are qualified to perform in relation to air conditioning equipment.

The ARC issues two licences for technicians who work with split system air conditioners. The licences are identified as;

  • Splits; this is a restricted licence permitting a technician to install and decommission a single head split system air conditioning system to 18kW only. This licence does not permit the technician to service or repair an air conditioner.
  • ARC; for all Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.  This licence identifies fully qualified tradespersons who are permitted to install service or repair and decommission all types of air conditioning.

Visit the ARC’s ‘Look for the tick’ site for more tools and information.


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