Choosing a Reliable, Energy Efficient Air Con

Why do I need an energy efficient air con?

How to choose

To save money and problems in the future, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a reliable and energy efficient air con. A large part of the upfront cost for a split or ducted air conditioning system is the installation, so buying a cheaper, less efficient air conditioner will not make a big impact in the price tag but could cost you more to run in as opposed to selecting a high energy efficient air con at a slightly higher price. 

  • Choose a reliable brand.
  • Ask friends and family for their recommendations.
  • Read customer reviews and product reviews online (e.g., TrustPilot, and
  • Check the energy efficiency of the system by looking for the star rating label or by visiting the Energy Rating website. More stars mean more energy efficiency, less cost in power bills and less damage to our environment.

Remember that for a system to be reliable and efficient it also has to be the right size, be correctly installed, well maintained and be used in an efficient way. No matter how good the system is, ignoring the above will not only reduce the system’s cooling and heating capacity, it will also increase your electricity costs and ultimately shorten the life of your system.


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