Reverse Air Systems

Reverse Cycle Aircon SystemsReverse Cycle Aircon Systems

Reverse Air or Reverse Cycle, refers to a unit that functions for both heating and cooling.

Whether its for your whole home or just controlling the climate the room you are using in your home or office, reverse air is a popular choice.

Working on the “heat pump principle“, air conditioners will pump heat from one location to another, using this process:

  1. Drawing hot air for your home or office, which is then passed over a cold liquid, which is called a refrigerant. The heat is absorbed from the air, cooling it before it is pushed back into your home or office.
  2. Warmed up from the hot air, the refrigerant blows into a compressor, creating a gas.
  3. This gas is then pumped outside of your home or office, via a heat exchanger. This allows heat to escape, while the refrigerant liquifies and cools.
  4. Flowing through an expansive device that lowers its pressure, the refrigerant is cooled more, allowing it to absorb additional heat.
  5. A reverse air conditioning unit has the ability to literately reverse the process, allowing it to function for both heating and cooling.

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