Inverter Air Systems

Inverter Aircon SystemsInverter Aircon Systems

Air conditioners with inverters can alter their speed in response to cooling demand the temperature of the air it produces, rather than stopping and starting.  Some will have an initial period where they’ll run at a slightly higher temperature for a set time to cool down the temperature of a hot room.

When an inverter unit reaches its set temperature, it can reduce the capacity to maintain that set level, without cycling [on and off] as much as a non-inverted unit would.

The inverter unit will increase its power usage just slightly, because it wil need to convert the incoming power for the air conditioner. That being said, the unit’s ability to function at a reduced power level, decreases the overall usage to below that of a non-inverter unit.

Here are some of advantages of an inverter air conditioner:

  • Consumes less power to run
  • At least 30% less to to run as it
  • Far quieter than other units
  • Quicker to achieve desired temperature
  • There are no voltage peaks from a compressor
  • Consistent temperature
  • Increased level of comfort
  • Faster cooling

Although they are more expensive to purchase, they tend to be cheaper to run, quieter and achieve the selected room temperature more quickly than a non-inverter system.

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