Quick & Easy Aircon Buying Guide – Find The Right System For You

Use this quick & easy air con buying guide to determine which type of air con system may be best suitable for your home.


Evaporative Aircon Systems

An evaporative system may be more appropriate for you if:

  • The area where you live is not affected by water restrictions
  • You live in an area of low humidity
  • Your summers are warm rather than scorching hot


Refrigerated Aircon Systems

A refrigerated split or ducted air conditioning unit may be more appropriate for you if:

  • You would like to heat as well as cool your home with one system
  • It gets extremely hot in the summer where you live
  • The climate is humid
  • Your house is properly insulated
  • You like the aesthetically pleasing look of a split or ducted system
  • You want to cool a large space, multiple rooms or entire home
Window Aircon Systems

A window or wall-mounted unit may be suitable for you if:

  • You are unable to install an outdoor compressor unit like those used in the split and cassette systems
  • You would like to cool a small space/room
  • You are allowed /are able to install an air conditioner in a ¬†window or wall cavity


Now that you have read our quick & easy air con buying guide, speak to air conditioning experts to find out which type of air con system will be best for your cooling needs.

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