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As the name says, a Window Air Conditioners are installed in an open window of the room needing to be cooled. These are sometimes referred to as “window units” or “room air conditioners“.

These units are available at most local retailers and are relatively inexpensive. They are simple to install, without the aid of a contractor.

Because of the price and simplicity of installation, these units are appealing to the budget conscious shopper, but there a some considerable drawbacks that consumers should be aware of before a purchase is made.

A window air conditioner will take a significant portion of a window’s space, thereby reducing the amount of natural light in that room, which can result in an increase in the use of electric power lights, thereby increasing the power bill. If there is only one window in that room, the ability to allow fresh air in the room will also be significantly reduced.

Window units are notoriously louder than central air conditioning units, which can interfere with sleep, study, work or simple relaxation and television viewing.

With a 30-40 percent decreased efficiency, a window unit can potentially increase your power bill, along with adding more load on to to the local power grid.

Lastly, the small filter on a window unit, is not as effective for filtering the air within the room as a central air conditioning unit is. Because of this, odours, dust and allergens will not be as effectively removed and managed.

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