Aircon Types

Today’s air conditioning systems allow you to enjoy your perfect indoor temperature, making the summer heat much more bearable. Reverse cycle air conditioning systems can also heat as well as cool, allowing a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.

Here at Aircon Market we understand the importance of completing thorough research before investing in an air conditioning system. We will help you reach your goal of a correctly installed, reliable, energy efficient air conditioner that fits your budget.

Here are the 11 types of air conditioning systems you need to get your head around:

  1. Ducted Aircon Systems
  2. Split systems
  3. Evaporative Systems
  4. Regrigerated Systems
  5. Reverse Cycle Systems
  6. Inverter Air Systems
  7. Heat Pumps Systems
  8. Packaged Air Conditioning
  9. Central Air Systems
  10. Ductless Mini Split Systems
  11. Wall / Window Air Systems
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